Artery Anthology

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Edited by Aaron M Williams and Brian Judge
Cover design by John Osborne and Sophia Murphy
Back cover design by Gretchen Allen
Extra layout work by Ginkbeast
Inspired by the theme suggested by Drew F. Lee

Note: This is a VERY limited print run so if you want it don’t wait!

Artery Anthology

The first printed project created by members of the Indie Comics Union. Artery is a standard sized, 48 page, black and white anthology with stories and pinups by 14 talented creators built around a common theme.


The Artery Interviews:

Join the makers of the Artery anthology in a conversation about comic anthologies and the particulars of coming together as a group for the first time and constructing the Artery collection. Coordinated by anthology editors Aaron M Williams and Brian Judge with additional editing and facilitation by Bradley Littlejohn.

If you are interested in picking up a fresh copy of the book for yourself some of our contributors are selling copies of the very limited print run. Buy your copy today and when you get it in your hand tag @indiecomicunion on IG and we’ll add you to our story.

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United States:
Aaron M. Will
Brian Judge
Monty Cantsin
Gretchen Allen

Artery Contributions

Welcome to Penville by Ginkbeast

Written and Illustrated by Ginkbeast

A traveler stumbles upon a budding city and the residents of Penville are eager to welcome him, as he is just the kind of person they were waiting for.

– No one does comics the way Ginkbeast does, her captivating style and charming characters keep me waiting for her next post. She is currently creating her comic Nightbloom and is sharing what her characters are up to on her IG. Head over to her page, follow, and fall in love with Nubi and all her palls.

Awakening by Monty Cantsin

Written and Illustration by Monty Cantsin @drmontycantsin

A neolithic man wanders the vast empty and finds a utensil, a tool that if applied correctly will deliver him an AWAKENING.

-Monty is an indie comics force, his upcoming graphic novel Scum Circus is getting closer to completion (I count the days to when I can hold this masterpiece in my hands) but if you aren’t following him yet, head over to his IG page ASAP because he has previewed early concepts for his next project, ‘The Futurenaut’ and it looks like it’s going to be quite the ride! On instagram: @thefuturenaut

Eraser by Brian Judge

Written and Illustrated by Brian Judge of @one_and_only_comics

In a futuristic world, an unlucky hacker gets caught by the wrong people. Now, he has a hitman on his trail, but this eraser doesn’t end lives, he takes memories.
Brian Judge has been described as a shotgun comic maker. He is a cartoonist that has an endless wellspring of ideas with an equally flowing work ethic! Not only is it inspiring to see the amount of work he is able to produce but he is also doing some interesting things with the Instagram square that I’ve seen so many other cartoonists replicate in their own work. Head over to his IG page and check out all his comics!

Scissors by John Osborne

Written and illustrated by John Osborne

A criminal accomplished all he ever wished, has everything he ever wanted, and risks it all to do what he thinks is right.

– Creator of the comic series Frankenaut, John delivers exciting storytelling with powerful lines and gorgeous colors. His work is incredible, and he is one of the originators of the Unions current project: The Quilt. Tap over to his page, check out what he’s working on, and find out why everyone thinks Frankenaut is the coolest!

Dirty Projector by Gretchen Allen & Seán Maher

By Gretchen Allen and Seán Maher

Mia Chan has a way with words and earns herself a stint in detention, luckily she has her phone to keep her busy but when it runs out of battery, she gets frustrated and decides to spell it out.

Gretchen Allen is a cartoonist and all around super talent! Though her comics are but a single aspect of her creative interests she is able to produce work that is beautiful, frightening, technical, hilarious, mysterious, and meaningful all at once. She is currently working on a comic book adaptation of murder ballads, I’ve seen a handful of these pages and they are both gorgeous and haunting in the best way possible. Tap on over to her page and give her a follow.

Seán Maher is an author currently living in Dublin. He is the former Narrative Director for Annox Games and is presently working on a series of short horror stories.

Canvas by Kevin Curley

Canvas – Written and Illustrated by Kevin Curley

A gateway to a new world appears but only one soul is brave enough to travel through it.

Creator of the misunderstood ‘butt’ beloved Deri, Bucketsofsighs uses his trademark minimal style to tackle hibrow thoughts on life with a lowbrow twist. You can find many of his works for sale on his Etsy page and you can see all his latest strips on his IG. Go and Follow. In Deri We Trust.

Prisoner in Ink by Ryan Tavarez

The Prisoner in Ink – Written and Illustrated by Ryan Tavarez

Jones is looking to make his great escape, everything seemed like it was going according to plan, but his getaway ship is late and on top of that, he has a bounty hunter on his tail.

Creator of the comic Nomads, @tavarezart can wield energy and put it on the page. His dynamic storytelling and panel designs keep you fully engaged and excited to find what happens next! Go give him a follow! He’s right on the heels of his successful kickstarter for Nomads Vol. 1 and after you see his work, you’ll be giddy to see what he does next!

Mesozoic Panache by Matt Laux

Mesozoic Panache – Written and Illustrated by Matt Laux.

An unsuspecting creature discovers painting for the first time.

@mattdrawsdnd is an artist who can fit wonder, world building, and curiosity into every one of his pieces. His soft style and loveable characters make you smile and guide you through the scene, you can’t help but wonder what might be happening in the background. Matt just recently announced his next illustration project! Tap on over and give him a follow!

Verve & Confidence by Richard Bennett

Verve and Consequence – Written and Illustrated by Richard Bennett

On his way back home from yet another drab and dreary graveyard shift, he feels the weight of the routine grinding at him, he almost forgets what makes him happy.

@studio_malice creates works that look and feel like thoughts made real. His scratchy style and raw storytelling are a potent mix allowing his stories to naturally bring you into the minds of his characters. Head on over to his IG page and give him a follow because he just announced the second issue of his ongoing series, Status Shot.

Sharper by Aaron M Williams

Sharper – Written and Illustrated by Aaron M Williams

Dana was touted as the next great artist, she traveled all over the world to hold exhibitions, but now she lives with her aunt Dot. Though the art world kicked her out, Dana won’t give up and is willing to do anything to get back in.

//Hello\ my name is Aaron. I make comics and podcasts // and I’m obsessed with all things horror. Comics are such a passion of mine and I hope that my love of the medium and my enthusiasm of what’s possible gets translated on the page. // nonetheless, If horror is your bag you might like what I’m making, tap on over to my profile and join the page, I’d love to connect with you.