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Script: God Fruit Page 3

Design info for scene III

Wikipedia image of the Barnacle Tree from Medieval folk traditions

Barnacle Fruit

Medieval folktales mention barnacle trees encrusted with barnacles that gave birth to baby geese. The legends were thought to have arisen over misunderstandings about the migration of geese and driftwood bedazzled with barnacles, but for our purposes it makes for an amazing alien flora that gives us the fruit surfboards in this scene!
Cryptid Wiki

Designing Gooseboards:

One of the design challenges for this scene is in creating the barnacle encrusted trees that disgorge a goose-like fruit from the barnacle on an umbilical stem!

The fruits must be long enough for two to carry and should have “surfability” for the Crater Critters so they can ride them in a couple pages.

Page 3 Script

EXT. The Crater Daytime
A large ecosystem inside a giant caldera on The Quilt. An alien oasis surrounded by wasteland. As if this crater itself were inserted into hardship as a gift to those who would find it.

PANEL 1 (2 squares) Establishing shot
Wide shot of the crater showing the reader the bounty that resides in this small oasis among the hard wasteland which surrounds it. Teaming with alien plant life, there are small mountain peaks within it pouring rivers down into jungles of the exotic.

birds eye view down through the enormous leaves of an alien fruit tree, with the view of XTBD reaching up to try and grasp really long surfboard sized prickly, curved space-goose-pickle of a fruit. XTBD is standing on the shoulders of THUNK.

I am fine. Worry about yourself THUNK! Nothing to fear here.


XTBD reaches up to the vine on the end of the fruit with a pair of scissors. The vine is tongue-like and attached to a barnacle on the tree. From below background we can see SLIVER and TAR are sitting and looking up

C’mon XTBD There ARE things worth fearing.

TAR interjects
Well I’m always afraid my jar will crack and I’ll just become a greasy stain somewhere again…


view of YTBD looking up at THUNK and XTBD on shoulders and cutting down the fruit. Holding a fruit to the side are SLIVER and TAR

 My biggest fear is-
I’m afraid of nothing! Fear is pointless.


Thunk and YTBD are the focus of the panel with Sliver framed below them showing his statement is ignored by the two more dominant characters.

 If we just do it the right way there is nothing to worry about. Purpose pushes out worry. Just be careful XTBD!
Sliver interjects
but who decides how we are supposed to…
YTBD interrupting
let’s just get along. This is a fun trip to harvest barnacle fruit. It’s FUN!

By The Seahorsie

Bradley Littlejohn, AKA The Seahorsie, lives in an underwater cave near Seattle and crafts the comics Wiltworthy & Galactopera. Swim by sometime to check them out!
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