Brooze Black

Brooze Black  
Name: The Brooze Black
Affiliations:  Unknown
Creators: John Osborne, Bradley Littlejohn
Appearances: The Quilt Chapter 1
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The Brooze Black

By Ginkbeast


When the gods responsible for the creation of the planet Quilt grew weary of their experimentation and tired of one another’s antics, a tear in the fabric of the universe opened.  Spilling out from the gash in space, an angry bruise-like, purplish-black clot of matter flooded down onto the unsuspecting Quilt.  

Still barely understood, the Bruise-Black (or Brooze) is largely a mystery to the inhabitants of the Quilt.  Sometimes indiscriminate and other times selective in its victims, the Brooze can absorb the organic life it encounters, though the outcomes seem to vary from situation to situation.  

A single instance of the Brooze can transition from a liquid river to a solid lump to a collective jumble of the assimilated limbs and features of its victims. A purplish-black hue still coating everything and knitting it together.  The Brooze is also capable of releasing avatars from these puddles and lumps.  These avatars appear capable of at least some autonomous behavior and sport crystalline structures growing upon their dermis or exoskeleton.

The intelligence of the Brooze and the intention of the Brooze are still yet to be determined, though so far there is evidence of a malignant desire to consume civilizations like the Starbreaker Citadel and the Crater on the planet Quilt.

The Brooze has also demonstrated a sensitivity to interacting with the Crater Critter Thunk during the first days of flooding by the Brooze within the Crater.

Readers saw their first glimpse of the Brooze Black in The Quilt #1, when the Crater Critters’ simple, pastoral existence was threatened by a strange black ooze seeping into their reality. Would their world be consumed, as so many others had before?

The Brooze Black is very mysterious. Almost everyone who has seen it was either consumed by it, or driven mad by the sight. As such, all of the descriptions of this terrible threat contradict one another, as evidenced by these terrifying drawings by eyewitnesses!

By Robert Hamil
By Robert Hamil
By Conner McGowan
By Robert Hamil
By Robert Hamil

                           By @thedomesticatedafterlife


Robert Hamil did a number of initial drawings for the Bruise Black, starting an artistic conversation that was continued by other creators like Monty Cantsin and Conner McGowan. Watch a group of artists brainstorm the appearance of this strange eldritch force in The Quilt: Episode 6 on YouTube!

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