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Welcome to the world of Quilt

This is the landing page for The Quilt Wiki.  This page will get styled and display recent artice updates and overviews of the goings on for The Quilt.  It will also be a working page with a log of todos for curators of the Quilt.

To-Do List (last updated 4/20/21)

  • Update “Creators” information and “Contributors to this page” for all entries (I don’t know the full stories of who created what, and there’s some kind of code glitch with some of the “contributors” sections, like the double posting on the “Crater Critters” page)
  • Fix weird code glitch on “The Crater” page (Bradley’s bio is superimposed on itself for some reason)
  • Add more images of characters by additional creators
  • Finalize names for X and Y after consulting with the group

Contributors to this page