Origin Story


The Indie Comic Union is a collective of comic makers helping one another level up and follow through in our sequential art ambitions. The Union runs comic events like #indiefanartsand #indiecomicteamup on Instagram, hosts a YouTube channel to promote independent comics & collaborates on group projects like the Artery anthology or the upcoming collaborative comic, The Quilt.


The Union was founded in friendships made in predecessor chat groups on Instagram between fellow comic makers Bradley Littlejohn (The Seahorsie), Drew F. Lee (Incandescence Comics) and The Authorbot. Bringing aboard John Osborne (Frankenaut) and Kevin Curley (Buckets of Sighs) formed up the skeleton crew for our maiden voyage on a Discord server and beyond to create an inclusive, positive, support group for making all sorts of comics and navigating the wild tides of social media and publishing aspirations. We have since been joined by so many amazing creators and undertaken such wonderful new projects – all still in our first year! Phew!


The Union is an invitational organization. We actively seek out comic makers who work well within a diverse group, lift others up and view social media as a collaboration rather than a competition.


The Seahorsie

Bradley Littlejohn, AKA The Seahorsie, lives in an underwater cave near Seattle and crafts the comics Wiltworthy & Galactopera. Swim by sometime to check them out!
Admin & founding member of…

JohnOsborneart (0)

From Wichita Ks, John Osborne is the creator of the Frankenaut comic series and the artist for The Adventures of Aviore. After spending all day drawing aliens, robots, monsters and heroes, …

IncandescenceComics (0)

San Diego, CA – based cartoonist, crafting the adventures of all-ages friendly superheroine Incandescence!

TheAuthorbot (0)

The Authorbot is working on a futuristic reimagining of Little Nemo in Slumberland, called Nemo 3,000! By day, he lives as a mild-mannered servant of Bureaucracy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bucketsofsighs (0)

Kevin R Curley. Basement Cartoonist.