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Artery Interviews

The Artery Interviews premiere today on Instagram. Head on over to catch a glimpse inside the making of the Artery Anthology by participating members of the Indie Comic Union

Then take a look at the Artery Anthology page for links to the artists who are currently stocking the book in their webstores: Artery Anthology Great work everyone!

Union News

Artery Anthology

The first printed project created by members of the Indie Comics Union. Welcome to preview week.

1: Cover design by @johnosborneart and @sophia_comicart

2: Back Cover design by @gretchen.draws

Artery is a standard sized, 48 page, black and white anthology with stories and pinups by 14 talented creators.

This week we will be showing you a glimpse of what is inside the book, if you want to pick up a physical copy for yourself, mark your calendar because Artery launches next Monday! (2/15)

Quick Note: This is a VERY limited print run so if you want it don’t wait!

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Quilt Drawjam: Thinking About Thunk!

Once again the Indie Comic Union travels to the patchwork planet of the collaborative comic project The Quilt. This time we are zooming in for a close up on the design process for Thunk!, the metallic leader of the Crater Critters and a character with a transformation and a destiny in their future!

Participating Indie Comic Union Members
John Osborne @johnosborneart
Conner McGowan @conner_cottontail
Matt Laux @mattdrawsdnd
Gautem Sheoran @pulp2pixel
Bradley Littlejohn @theseahorsie
With artwork from collaborating Indie Comic Union Members:
Robert Hamil @robhamilart
Ginkbeast @ginkbeast
Aaron M Williams @aaronmwill

The Quilt News Union News

Quilt Drawjam: Crater Critters

The Indie Comic Union’s collaborative comic project continues with more production designs and worldbuilding for The Quilt. This time we explore the Crater, an alien oasis and reprieve from the hardships of the Quilt’s harsh patchwork landscape… until everything changes! Watch us develop ideas and concept art for the Critters to flesh out our script and figure out how to not only create a comic together but share that process with all of you along the way.

This episode features the hosting of The Authorbot
Production and editing by The Seahorsie
and the talented Union members:
Matt Laux
Robert Hamil
Brian Judge
& Gautam Sheoran

The Quilt News Union News

Quilt Layouts

More Indie Comic Union goodness is up on our YouTube channel as our diligent Quilters go into overtime on our meeting and break out this second half conversation to cover panel layout systems that work well on Instagram and for our Quilt comic collaboration. Drew F. Lee talks about Erik Larsen’s innovative modular system, and there’s some Kirby, Ben Grimm, Matt Wagner’s Grendel, and lots of riffing on concepts for characters like THUNK!

The Quilt News Union News

Dreaming up the Quilt

The first of our YouTube videos documenting the making of the Quilt arrives today. We will be hopping into meetings regularly to begin all the worldbuilding, character designing, and assembly of this crazy new indie comic collaboration that is The Quilt! As Conner says so well, “Be sure to like and subscribe!” so you don’t miss a minute of our highwire act!

John Osborne and Bradley Littlejohn brought a new idea into the Indie Comic Union based on the successes of experiments during the #indiecomicteamup in December 2020. With Zoom, Magma Studio, Discord and Instagram making it so much easier for comic makers to collaborate, why not go full tilt and design an entire comic world? This is not just an indie comic, it is a multimedia exploration of the joy of comic book creativity and artistic collaboration. It is also just the beginning, so stay tuned as brave members of the Indie Comic Union leap into imagining the world of The Quilt where anything is possible. We will be doing worldbuilding, tuning up our script, and publishing the comic on our website, instagram and in behind the scenes footage here on YouTube.

Video editing and music intro by Bradley Littlejohn

Intro artwork by:
John Osborne
Matt Laux
Conner McGowan
Bradley Littlejohn
Robert Hamil

Union News

#teamup Coverage

Brett Hillesheim
from reached out to John Osborne and Bradley Littlejohn from the Indie Comic Union with a few questions about the Union’s #indiecomicteamup event hosted for the first time this past December. The Dispatch is swiftly becoming a champion of all sorts of indie projects and we appreciate their interest in all the indie comic makers like our friends in the Union and across the indie comic scene on Instagram. You can read the interview for yourself, here.

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Welcome to the Union

Welcome to the Indie Comic Union’s new website! In planning for bigger and better things for our comic aspirations there has constantly been a limitation of relying on Instagram or Discord to coordinate and present all of our work. 

This hub for the Union will help unify and better coordinate all the mad schemes we are concocting and help us build that amazing indie comic community that supports all of our sequential art aspirations!

Tar character design by Bradley Littlejohn

A Union News page, a consolidated web presence and the wiki will help us make new projects like The Quilt possible.

We can create a landing page for the Artery anthology and promote the artists who were involved however that collective sees fit.  Please take a look at the dummy page to get that conversation started in Discord!

On the note of the temporary art on the Artery page, I would like to point out that the headers and such are placeholders and we would like to host some online as well as asynchronous design jams to make specific pieces that show off the breadth of the Union’s talented members, so get ready for that!

The website is also intended to give members a web presence and a little more visibility by creating a profile that will help assign credit to the projects they participate on in the Union.

We will also be able to feature our talented comic makers, YouTube videos, & coordinate our activities with an integrated calendar of events.

Apannon design sketch by John Osborne

While things are still scaling up, this website is at the backbone of the big ideas we have for YouTube, the Wiki (here are some sample wiki pages featuring Apannon and Tar – some of the first Quilt concept designs) and the  Blog to document the creative process in making The Quilt and promote the terrific comic work we all do as individuals. 

Please take a look around and we will open up some further discussions within the Union Discord!