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Artery Interviews

The Artery Interviews premiere today on Instagram. Head on over to catch a glimpse inside the making of the Artery Anthology by participating members of the Indie Comic Union

Then take a look at the Artery Anthology page for links to the artists who are currently stocking the book in their webstores: Artery Anthology Great work everyone!

Union News

Artery Anthology

The first printed project created by members of the Indie Comics Union. Welcome to preview week.

1: Cover design by @johnosborneart and @sophia_comicart

2: Back Cover design by @gretchen.draws

Artery is a standard sized, 48 page, black and white anthology with stories and pinups by 14 talented creators.

This week we will be showing you a glimpse of what is inside the book, if you want to pick up a physical copy for yourself, mark your calendar because Artery launches next Monday! (2/15)

Quick Note: This is a VERY limited print run so if you want it don’t wait!

The Quilt Comic The Quilt News

Quilt Comic: Bruise-Black

How do we create the bad guys? Join us for an exploration into the darkness of the Bruise-Black, as a wicked tear in space unleashes the tangled, mangled force upon the unwitting planet of the Quilt and we gather the forces of the Indie Comic Union to figure out how to tell a story with a menacing rogues gallery we can call our own. Join participating Union members as we explore how to build a better villain for the world of the Quilt!

The Villainous Bruise-Black

Joining us are: Gara @ginkbeast Monty Cantsin @drmontycantsin Matt Laux @mattdrawsdnd Conner McGowan @conner_cottontail Bradley Littlejohn @theseahorsie With extra artwork presented by: Robert hamil @robhamilart

The Quilt Comic The Quilt News Union News

Quilt Drawjam: Thinking About Thunk!

Once again the Indie Comic Union travels to the patchwork planet of the collaborative comic project The Quilt. This time we are zooming in for a close up on the design process for Thunk!, the metallic leader of the Crater Critters and a character with a transformation and a destiny in their future!

Participating Indie Comic Union Members
John Osborne @johnosborneart
Conner McGowan @conner_cottontail
Matt Laux @mattdrawsdnd
Gautem Sheoran @pulp2pixel
Bradley Littlejohn @theseahorsie
With artwork from collaborating Indie Comic Union Members:
Robert Hamil @robhamilart
Ginkbeast @ginkbeast
Aaron M Williams @aaronmwill