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Dreaming up the Quilt

The first of our YouTube videos documenting the making of the Quilt arrives today. We will be hopping into meetings regularly to begin all the worldbuilding, character designing, and assembly of this crazy new indie comic collaboration that is The Quilt! As Conner says so well, “Be sure to like and subscribe!” so you don’t miss a minute of our highwire act!

John Osborne and Bradley Littlejohn brought a new idea into the Indie Comic Union based on the successes of experiments during the #indiecomicteamup in December 2020. With Zoom, Magma Studio, Discord and Instagram making it so much easier for comic makers to collaborate, why not go full tilt and design an entire comic world? This is not just an indie comic, it is a multimedia exploration of the joy of comic book creativity and artistic collaboration. It is also just the beginning, so stay tuned as brave members of the Indie Comic Union leap into imagining the world of The Quilt where anything is possible. We will be doing worldbuilding, tuning up our script, and publishing the comic on our website, instagram and in behind the scenes footage here on YouTube.

Video editing and music intro by Bradley Littlejohn

Intro artwork by:
John Osborne
Matt Laux
Conner McGowan
Bradley Littlejohn
Robert Hamil

By The Seahorsie

Bradley Littlejohn, AKA The Seahorsie, lives in an underwater cave near Seattle and crafts the comics Wiltworthy & Galactopera. Swim by sometime to check them out!
Admin & founding member of the Indie Comic Union.