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Quilt Drawjam: Thinking About Thunk!

Once again the Indie Comic Union travels to the patchwork planet of the collaborative comic project The Quilt. This time we are zooming in for a close up on the design process for Thunk!, the metallic leader of the Crater Critters and a character with a transformation and a destiny in their future!

Participating Indie Comic Union Members
John Osborne @johnosborneart
Conner McGowan @conner_cottontail
Matt Laux @mattdrawsdnd
Gautem Sheoran @pulp2pixel
Bradley Littlejohn @theseahorsie
With artwork from collaborating Indie Comic Union Members:
Robert Hamil @robhamilart
Ginkbeast @ginkbeast
Aaron M Williams @aaronmwill

The Quilt News Union News

Quilt Layouts

More Indie Comic Union goodness is up on our YouTube channel as our diligent Quilters go into overtime on our meeting and break out this second half conversation to cover panel layout systems that work well on Instagram and for our Quilt comic collaboration. Drew F. Lee talks about Erik Larsen’s innovative modular system, and there’s some Kirby, Ben Grimm, Matt Wagner’s Grendel, and lots of riffing on concepts for characters like THUNK!