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Artery Interviews

The Artery Interviews premiere today on Instagram. Head on over to catch a glimpse inside the making of the Artery Anthology by participating members of the Indie Comic Union Then take a look at the Artery Anthology page for links to the artists who are currently stocking the book in their webstores: Artery Anthology Great […]

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Quilt Drawjam: Crater Critters

The Indie Comic Union’s collaborative comic project continues with more production designs and worldbuilding for The Quilt. This time we explore the Crater, an alien oasis and reprieve from the hardships of the Quilt’s harsh patchwork landscape… until everything changes! Watch us develop ideas and concept art for the Critters to flesh out our script […]

Quilt Script

Script: God Fruit Page 2

Three double panels (or two-squares each on the Kirby grid).Full script for Issue One is here Page 2   Panel 1 and 2 wide panoramic establishing shot of the cityscape of the barbarians. The skyline is visible with that tear in the fabric of the universe from the previous page. There is a small terrace on […]