Quilt Script

Script: God Fruit Page 2

Three double panels (or two-squares each on the Kirby grid).
Full script for Issue One is here

Page 2  

Panel 1 and 2

wide panoramic establishing shot of the cityscape of the barbarians. The skyline is visible with that tear in the fabric of the universe from the previous page. There is a small terrace on the left hand side where some barbarians are small but visible. This civilization is a group of space primitives. Barbarians who once held a seventies scifi technological civilization, as evident in the once grand buildings and the pieces of technology that are still revered and are intermingled in the panel.

Narrator: and when the laughs died down

Panel 3 and 4

Shot closes in on the barbarians on the terrace. They have hands up to their eyes but they are looking at the sky-tear which has a purple energy spilling out of it. The people have body language that shows alarm even though we are behind them. One of them is the barbarian woman .

Narrator: they conspired to undo it all

Panel 5 and 6

The group turns in terror and begins to run, including the barbarian woman . The dark energy is clearly headed toward the planet from above and is now largely filling the sky

Narrator: with a bored tug at the seems